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The Clandestine Journey: Lives of Saints and Sinners
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Title:The Clandestine Journey: Lives of Saints and Sinners
Release: 1994-01-01
Runtime: 65 min.
Genre: Drama
Stars: Marco Manchisi, Enzo Moscato, Marco Cavicchioli, Enzo Vetrano, Donato Castellaneta
Overview: A surreal travel drama, shot on Sicility with Italian actors. IlViaggio Clandestino is a film about saints and sinners. Whether you areblessed or doomed is often dependent on someone's soul that on whether theypray or suffer. The kindred spirit of San Gil ! the Holy Gil ! is CiccioBavaria who, unilke the former, continues to seek sin. For Bavaria sin isliberating and dynamic. The film tells the story of the journey made by thesetwo protagonists; a journey that leads to the demise of San Gil, while Bavariais reincarnated as Buddha. There is another traveller, a clandestinetraveller. Christ, always fleeing the angels. This Christ does not helphumanity with miracles, but by keeping himself alive as best he can givingweather forecasts.In this strange sainty story, Ruiz allowed himself ot be inspired byapocryphal books about saints of flesh and blood.